December 26

Join us for a Spinning Babies’ Professional Bodywork Education Workshop!


May 9, 2018, San Diego, CA -Spinning Babies® Workshop

May 16, 2018, St. Paul, MN -Spinning Babies® Workshop

May 10-13, 2018, San Diego, CA -ITB Workshop

May 17-20, 2018, St. Paul, MN -ITB Workshop

Spinning Babies’ Professional Bodywork Education; Integral  Touch of Birth

 Coming from afar? Register soon to get a hotel room with your registration!


Advanced Spinning Babies integration workshop for birth work and bodywork

Connecting our bodyworkers with the protocols for fetal positioning and easier childbirth.


This workshop is designed specifically for the bodyworker who is working with pregnant women. Professional bodyworkers, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Craniosacral Therapists, Massage Therapists will gain tremendous advantage.  Birthworkers with hands-on care are also welcome, such as midwives, nurses, and doulas, and need to prepare with basic massage anatomy. Birthworkers must have taken the Spinning Babies® Workshop and integrated the Three Levels Solutions in their practice for this workshop.  This is not a workshop for professionals who are not hands-on with comfort measures or clinical corrections.


Everyone has attended a Spinning Babies® Workshop before registering, or is a certified bodyworker and will attend the Spinning Babies® Workshop with us the day before the 4-day training plus one after before being eligible for the listing application.  Birthworkers will learn more if they study the anatomy of fascia, muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, back and legs. The more you know, the more you’ll learn.


Description of the Integral Touch of Birth Workshop:

Gain philosophical and scientific education in craniosacral, fascial therapy and integrated manual therapy. Hands-on training focuses on respectful, perceptive touch in pregnancy and birth.

Transform your practice with the Spinning Babies paradigm.  Each day includes education, training and hands-on practice with professional coaching by founding educators: Debra McLaughlin, Adrienne Caldwell and Marcello Windolph.  A Spinning Babies Approved Trainer will be there to help you integrate Spinning Babies concepts of Balance before Force for your client communication and services.

Unique in bodywork trainings. Infuse your practice protocols with the Spinning Babies approach to pregnancy and birth.

Continuing Education Professional Development Credits

Continuing Education for Minnesota Chiropractors.  Planning on Massage Therapist credit through national organization.

Spinning Babies® Workshop on the day before the 4-day training has been granted .7 Continuing Education Credits by the American College of Nurse Midwives.


Spinning Babies is developing a new paradigm for birth.
Penny Simkin says, “This is the most exciting thing to come out of [the field of] birth in decades!”

Professional Listing on the Spinning Babies Website

Successful completion allows the participant eligible to apply for membership on a list of Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners.*  Expand our professional community to Change Birth on Earth SM.

Steps to completion are

  • *Attendance at two Spinning Babies Workshops (Your second one can be the one we offer on the day before the workshop)
  • One of your Spinning Babies® Workshops was within 3 years of this bodyworker workshop
  • Successful Completion of the 4-day Professional Bodywork Education training
  • Ethics agreement, including not to manually rotate or manipulate the fetus unless a trained Obstetrician, FP, or Midwife.
  • Written references from 2 colleagues and a client

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Learning and lodging can be booked together

  • Evening gathering to connect with friends and create informal workshop buddies, with light refreshments for “happy hour”
  • Easy access from airport
  • Double occupancy hotel room for 4 nights included at a low price (if you want more nights, you must reserve by calling the hotel and mentioning “Spinning Babies” for the discount. Call soon, the hotel is likely to fill before the workshop
  • Single occupancy is available first come, first served at the higher, single room rate

Enter a new paradigm for birthing. Presenters are expert Body Workers who have integrated the Spinning Babies paradigm and can show you how to successfully do so in your practice. Register now.

“Let’s make room for the baby” to get into the best position for starting labor while remembering that the mother is making emotional and psychological room to integrate her pregnancy and birth into motherhood.

Check back on this website for updates!


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