Refund Policy and Substitution

What is the Spinning Babies cancellation policy?

Spinning Babies Workshops and Conferences will take a cancellation or substitution under restricted conditions.

$25 office fee for cancellations before 1 month of workshop.

$100 office fee for cancellations between the dates of one month before workshop to two weeks before workshop.

NO REFUND WITHIN 2 weeks of the conference, pre-conference and post-conference workshops! Please note this.

Be sure to cancel the name reserved at the hotel if you reserved hotel rooms or you will be charged.


Substitutions are possible.  No substitutions within one week of workshop.
The person you are substituting to come must fit the prerequisites, give complete contact information and get the code to re-register before the week before the workshop. The limits of the dates may change, check here again.  Email

Substitution requests require giving us the full contact information of the person to whom you are giving or selling your registration. You may arrange a substitution by explaining your intent in an email with the full contact information of the substitute.

Make sure your substitute is eligible! If your substitute is not eligible, follow the refund schedule. You must work out the payment with your substitute.