Sponsors, Exhibitors & Swag Donors

The Spinning Babies® 2022 Virtual World Confluence offers a diverse audience of Parents and Birthing Professionals.

We are planning an exciting, immersive booth experience for our exhibitors this year, making it extremely fun and inviting for our attendees to visit your booth and see your offerings. An agenda with global experts will share presentations to educate midwives, doctors, chiropractors, doulas, massage therapists, childbirth educators and parents. We expect 850-1000 attendees in 2022 joining us for a weekend of enrichment with a strong emphasis on relationship building and engagement.

Opportunities include:

Application Deadline:

Sponsorship & Swag Bag Donation applications must be received by: September 16, 2022

All Exhibitors, Sponsors and swag donors will be vetted to ensure that the company and product(s) align with the Spinning Babies® core values.

Who is a good fit?

    Companies and product(s) shared during the Spinning Babies® 2022 Virtual World Confluence need to nurture a mother’s right to have the birth experience of her choosing, invite people of all cultures to be part of the conversation, be honest and share insight on how to better the lives of our community members.


Swag Donations

The Virtual Swag Bag will be shared with all attendees on our event platform. 

What may be a virtual swag item?

Spinning Babies® preferred swag items are those that:

Becoming a Sponsor, Exhibitor or Swag Donor joins you and Spinning Babies® together in giving back to the birth community while sharing your business offerings to improve their lives and expand their knowledge.