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Spinning Babies Aware Practitioners Membership Listing

Completing this workshop is one of the requirements to becoming listed on the new Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner Membership Listing on

With many millions of independent visitors to our site each year, a huge mailing list and following on social media, we get daily requests from parents looking for support in pregnancy and birth. We want to help pregnant people identify Spinning Babies Aware Practitioners.


  1. Complete 2 full day Spinning Babies Workshops. One must be within 2 years of the Professional Bodywork Education Workshop, Integral Touch of Birth. You don’t get listed until you take the second one. We suggest you take two before coming, and practice techniques and concepts with pregnant people and birthing people in between workshops.
  2. Complete Professional Bodywork Education Workshop, Integral Touch of Birth
  3. Three written references, 2 from professionals, and one from a client. We will reject references from family and friends.
  4. Sign a document agreeing to ethics statement that includes not doing manipulation of the fetus to turn baby unless you are a trained physician or midwife.

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