Scholarships for Equity

Spinning Babies despises racial disparity.  Pregnancy bodyworkers of Color (BWOC) are able to apply for Professional Bodywork Education and experienced childbirth educators are able to apply for the Parent Educator Training. Put the name and date of the workshop or training you desire in the form. Spinning Babies® Workshop participants may use this form or contact the trainer for the particular workshop they wish to attend. One scholarship per workshop is our regular offering. More than one is sometimes available.

Scholarships are on a self-chosen sliding fee scale, including “zero” dollars. If no eligible bodyworkers apply we will review birth worker applications. We seek someone who has taken Spinning Babies® Workshop(s) before. We offer one scholarship per workshop.

The scholarship applicant identities are not shared. We celebrate the work our applicants do in the world for better birth and pregnancy.

Download the WORD document BWOC scholarship application:  Birth Workers of Color Scholarship*

Download the BWOC scholarship application as a pdf: Birth Workers of Color Scholarship*