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Changing Birth


Changing Earth

The Spinning Babies® 5th annual conference will be a unique virtual experience.

Professionals and pregnant parents will come together to share a one-day experience, to learn together, and inspire one another.


3-Day Conference:

October 14-16, 2022
9am – 6:30pm CST

Professionals will have access to the full 3-day conference and can access the live presentations for 150 days after the conference ends.

Learn from an incredible lineup of speakers about important topics such as: preventing trauma to both baby and birthing parent during labor proactively prepare pregnant parents for their optimal birth experience, and empowering physiological birth practices for professionals.

1-Day Conference:

October 15, 2022
9am- 6:30pm CST

Parents register for one day and can access the live presentations and four body-centered practice sessions to use for movement and stretch routines for 150 days after the conference ends.

Spinning Babies® helps parents experience the birth they desire, by learning practical and simple knowledge and activities to help the physiology of the pregnant and birthing body.


Groups of 5+ = 5% discount on each registering individual in the party. 

Groups of 10+ = 10% discount on each registering individual in the party.

Groups of 15+ = 15% discount on each registering individual in the party.  

If you are interested in a group rate, please fill out the form below and you will receive an email by our team with a discount code that you can use at checkout. 

What is the Spinning Babies® 2022 World Confluence?

Spinning Babies® 2022 World Confluence connects the lessons we learn from birth to the challenges of today. Birth teaches us patience, power, and resilience. Birth connects how we live with what we experience.

Our confluence is where birth wisdom and bodywork meet to enhance our abilities in childbirth. With a focus on our physiology, we are accessing the full potential of our bodies to deliver a baby without force. We will explore where “physiology before force” arrives in birth and birth work for our lives today.


Watch Live or at Your Convenience

Attend from the comfort of your home and connect with other midwives, labor and delivery nurses, physicians, doulas, childbirth educators, and pregnancy-focused bodyworkers. Watch sessions live or view recordings at your convenience with access to all presentations and materials from the beginning of the conference to March 15, 2023.

Check out some highlights from last years conference!

Our Virtual Conference Is A Different Experience Than A Spinning Babies® Workshop.

The sessions will build on what is taught in our workshops and will benefit both professional and parent communities, regardless of previous workshop attendance.

The Confluence Will Include:

The Virtual Event Will Include:

The exemplary speakers for the Spinning Babies® 2022 Virtual World Confluence!

Gain the benefits of pregnancy preparation and body activities that have midwives and nurses saying their birth methods have transformed after 20 years of practice.

Feedback from the Spinning Babies® 2021 Virtual World Confluence


This was amazing!!! Thank you so much! I have been practicing Spinning Babies® in labor for 5 years, but this gives me so much more understanding!


Such beautifully presented information. Thoughtful, honest, artistic, grounded, heartfelt knowledge. Thank you.


Thank you to all involved in bringing together the top birth workers of the world to share their skills, time, and knowledge! The organization and ease of navigation of this year’s conference is phenomenal!

You really nailed it!!