We are very excited to introduce you to our lineup of exemplary speakers for the Spinning Babies® 2022 Virtual World Confluence!

The speakers outlined below are ready to share their insights on physiological birth practices, preventing trauma to both birthing person and baby during labor, how to proactively prepare pregnant people for their optimal birth experience, and more! Take a peek at our agenda to see what these incredible speakers will be presenting.


Gail Tully, Creator of Spinning Babies®

Gail Tully is the midwife who conceived and developed Spinning Babies®. Spinning Babies® went online in 2001. Over 35 years with birth including 20 years as a homebirth midwife, Gail now writes and teaches and supports change in the birth paradigm.

Back in the day, Gail was kept busy organizing doula program development in hospitals and community non-profits in Minneapolis/St. Paul while training doulas with DONA International approval status. Spinning Babies®, Belly Mapping®, Belly Mapping MethodTM, Resolving Shoulder Dystocia, and now Breech Basics are the unique offerings from Gail Tully. Gail and her husband live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Gail also has 9 grandchildren! 

Reach out to Gail through email.


■ Agenda Sessions:

●  Welcome to Day 1

●  Close of Day 1

●  Welcome to Day 2

●  Belly Mapping® Method and Perceptive Palpation

●  Close of Day 2

●  Welcome to Day 3

●  Future of Birth and Spinning Babies®

●  Closing of the Confluence 



Doula, Yoga Teacher, Childbirth Educator, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Spinning Babies Parent Educator

Bec Conant is the founder and owner of Om Births, an online yoga program solely for pregnant and newly postpartum parents. She has taught prenatal yoga for over 25 years in New York and Boston. Bec holds certifications in Childbirth education, HypnoBirthing, Pelvic Floor Yoga(tm). She is also a Spinning Babies Parent Educator. She worked as a doula for 12 years attending over 300 births. Her Prenatal Yoga teacher training is accredited with Yoga alliance for the 85 hr RPYT designation. She is a published author with Yoga International, and has a prenatal yoga DVD produced by Heart of the Moon Media, as well as online courses in Postpartum core strength and Pelvic Floor health produced in collaboration with Know Stone Unturned Films. 

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Open Path Yoga



Claire is a mother, grandmother, an experienced registered midwife, a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer, a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, and a STREAM practitioner working with pelvic/ birth scar tissue.

Claire has been supporting women’s transitions since 2000. Attending births, offering childbirth education, pregnancy yoga, and providing bodywork sessions. 

Claire is a dynamic facilitator offering national, international and online workshops and speaking at conferences and events around the globe. She also offers the online courses ‘ ‘Holy Ground’ and ‘ Home sweet homebirth’.

Claire is passionate about the ancient and sacred arts of birth work, bodywork, and where they meet. Claire has a deep reverence for our bodies, the rhythms of our physical nature, and our earthy intelligence. She honors her work with deep reverence, respect, and gentleness. Claire is also a wild dancer.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Biodynamic Birth
  • Movement & Dance



M.D., Assistant Professor

H. Sule Selman, M.D. was born in Turkey in 1969. She attended the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and received her MD in 1992. She spent five years as a resident in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Haseki Research and Training Hospital. She has been practicing Ob/Gyn for over 25 years. In 2015 Dr. Selman has started to the Biruni University of Health Sciences as an Assistant Professor of Midwifery School. 

She served as a consultant for the Turkish Ministry of Health, and has written, in collaboration with colleagues, several guidelines, protocols, books related to the reproductive health. She is also a founding member of the Women Healthcare Professionals Solidarity and Education Foundation since 2005. She is an advocate of normal childbirth. She has been actively involved in the program development of organizes various trainings to promote and support physiologic birth. She attended Gail Tully’s Spinning Babies courses in Germany and Istanbul.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • First Birth



Jennifer Walker is an experienced doula and co-founder of BiA Doula Training, a comprehensive education program. Jennifer is a former Chair of the NBvD (Dutch Doula Association). Jennifer works internationally offering lectures and workshop on topics related to understanding anatomy and physiology as a basis for respectful and effective care; continuous support of labour; birth trauma and birthing positions. Jennifer’s work often involves creating collaboration and understanding between disciplines. She finds great joy in bringing doulas, midwives, doctors, and bodyworkers together to improve care for women and babies.

See Jennifer’s workshop described in the Danish magazine for midwives, Jordemøder.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Round Table Discussion (Day 1)
  • Welcome to Day 3



Dr. Kristen Hosaka is a Chiropractor, Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner, and Dynamic Body Balancing instructor for Dr. Carol Phillips.

Dr. Hosaka is passionate about helping pregnant people balance their bodies to create an easier passage for babies into this world. She strives to make birth better for the dyad and to help prevent birth trauma and subluxation through balanced, physiological births.

Since 2008, her chiropractic practice has focused on pregnancy and pediatrics and she has attended over 200 births and countless labors while in private practice in the suburbs of Fort Worth, TX.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Sacrum in Labor



Melissa is an American nurse who graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BSN in Nursing in 2006. She was inspired to enter the field of obstetrics during nursing school and believes perinatal nursing is the perfect way for her to combine her passions for reproductive justice and intersectional feminism with the art & science of nursing.  Melissa Anne began her career working at a regional perinatal center in Central New York caring for families experiencing high risk pregnancies.

Since then she has worked at several different hospitals in Massachusetts providing labor & delivery as well as postpartum/well baby care. In addition to her inpatient experience, Melissa Anne worked as an OBGYN office nurse in the Greater Boston area as well as a homebirth assistant and postpartum visiting nurse in Central Massachusetts. Her passion for teaching led her to becoming a certified childbirth educator in 2011 and a lactation counselor in 2016.

She is passionate about helping people have positive and empowering birth experiences in all birth settings. She is also the co-host of the popular “Babies in Common Show” podcast. Melissa Anne lives with her husband and three children in Massachusetts. 

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Laboring Down



Nicole Morales is a home birth midwife and co-author of The Breech Release: Opening Pathways to Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork.  As a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer Nicole looks to physiology before force paradigms in her work. She has been a Birthing from Within Mentor and integrates trauma-informed care into her practices, mentorships, and writings.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Observing Birth
  • Birth Trauma 


Yoga Teacher, Doula & Childbirth Educator

Maggie is the creator & founder of the Mindful Mama Method, a Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, a certified and Experienced Birth Doula, a Childbirth Educator, a Pelvic Floor Specialist, a Mother, a Sister and a Daughter.

Maggie was born on Earth Day— April 22nd, 1980 in the Midwestern United States. She is a true Taurus: reliable, practical, ambitious and fiercely loyal. She is a mom of two, beautiful boys, one living his best life with MPSII/Hunter Syndrome. 

Maggie is an experienced Yoga Teacher (teaching for more than 10 years) with a passion for helping women feel educated, empowered and confident throughout pregnancy, postpartum and well into motherhood.

Maggie works with women and families in the comfort of their own homes, at yoga studios, chiropractic offices, birth centers, and in hospitals. She is certified, trained and experienced in Natural Fertility,  Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Birth Doula services and Childbirth Education with a speciality in Pelvic Health. Maggie has studied and worked in the midwestern United States, southern California, the island of Maui, Hawaii and is currently living and working in the Netherlands.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Yoga for All


BA in Biomedical Sciences, BA in Midwifery Care, MA in Physiology, PGDip in heart-lung perfusion

Bruna is from São Paulo, Brazil and currently practicing Midwifery at The Midwives Clinic of East York – Don Mills in Toronto, Canada.

In addition to completing an Undergraduate Degree in Midwifery at Ryerson University, her educational background includes an Undergraduate Bachelor of Biomedical Science from the University Center Herminio Ometto de Araras (UNIARARAS), a Master of Science in Physiology: Functional and Molecular Biology from the Campinas State University (UNICAMP), a Post-Graduation in Cardiovascular Perfusion from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Care Leadership at Lambton College Toronto.

Her goal is to provide the best care possible to pregnant people by following evidence-based care guidelines and the wisdom of our body physiology.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Labor Dystocia


AAP/NRP Instructor, CPM

Karen is creator and instructor of Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn, an online course which includes the physiology of newborn transition, evidence-based studies, and the “When, Why and How” to provide neonatal resuscitation in the least traumatic way. Karen’s speciality is in debriefing, and has conducted over 950 hours of debrief/case reviews with all types of birth professionals and has taught resuscitation skills to over 10,000 people worldwide.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Newborn Resuscitation Skills



Hermine is a lawyer and international advocate for human rights in childbirth. Between 2012 and 2017, she organized 6 international conferences in nations around the world to advance the recognition of birthing peoples’ human rights in maternal health systems.  For over a decade, she has represented midwives and birthing women in legal cases and other advocacy initiatives related to the right to respect, dignity, and informed choice in childbirth. 

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Restoring Justice


Bodyworker, LM, CPM, SpBT, SpBAP

Emma is a home birth midwife in San Diego integrating bodywork in her practice. After the births of her five children and facing a lack of representation, Emma decided she would pursue a career in midwifery.  She continues working specifically to reduce the Black perinatal and infant mortality rates in the US. On her path to becoming a midwife, Emma has learned body work, Birthing From Within, and craniosacral therapy. Emma is a Spinning Babies Approved Trainer, Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner and Instructor. Connect with Emma on Instagram @arrenmoremidwifery.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Round Table Discussion (Day 1)
  • Forward-Leaning Inversion
  • Birth Trauma


Birth Doula

Lindsay McCoy is an exercise physiologist and birth doula. She combines her knowledge of biomechanics and functional movement with her knowledge of the childbirth process to help prepare the body for birth. She has worked in a clinical setting as an Exercise Physiologist and now works exclusively with the prenatal/postnatal population in private practice. She is an experienced birth doula and childbirth educator of 12 years and her specialty is pelvic biomechanics for pregnancy and childbirth and the core system/pelvic floor.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • The Yielding Pelvic Floor



Rachel is a certified nurse midwife, Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer and director and owner of Equilibrio: Birth and Bodywork (focusing on internal pelvic balance as well as bodywork in the childbearing year). Rachel is currently working on medical illustrations of the uterus and pelvic soft tissues in pregnancy and birth with Mechanisms of Balance®. She is also leading a 3 year research project on how soft tissue balance can improve birth outcomes using the Spinning Babies® approach. She is a co-creator and teacher of the advanced Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner workshop.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Role of The Round Ligaments


M.Ed. PsyD

Yvette is a psychologist, teacher, and consultant who specializes in transformative education for human healing and growth, helping people embrace differences while staying grounded in their fundamental unity. A sought-after relational-intelligence expert with more than three decades of real-world experience, Dr. Erasmus offers various programs for community learning as well as one-on-one consulting. Her approach synthesizes mind-body medicine, somatic experiencing, diversity and inclusiveness, nonviolent communication, and integral-relational-cultural psychology, bringing what has been divided and fragmented into wholeness and harmony.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Getting to Flow



Jamie has been serving the San Diego community as a massage therapist/bodyworker for 20 years and started attending births as a doula in 2009. She is a mother, Birth Story Listener®, Certified Birthing From Within® Mentor and Facilitator, and a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner and Instructor. Jamie is the creator of the DANCES® approach to prenatal bodywork and Birthing From Within’s Touch From Within course, a co-author (with Nicole Morales) and illustrator of The Breech Release: Opening Pathways for Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork, and co-creator of the Spinning Babies® Online Course: Breech for Parents and Practitioners.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Birth Trauma


Midwife, RN, SpBT

Fiona has been a midwife for 30 years. She is also a registered nurse and maternal and child health nurse, a birth educator, and bodyworker. She has worked in Melbourne public and private birthing hospitals and has supported many families with the birth of their babies at home and at a hospital. 

Interwoven throughout her midwifery practice has been an involvement in midwifery education and the teaching of Birthwork Workshops. The focus of all birth-related teaching is on the dynamic pelvis and how to make space for the baby. Fiona is also a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer. When not teaching workshops, Fiona offers bodywork sessions to women in a 1:1 capacity, with particular emphasis on internal pelvic release work.

Fiona’s drive to teach is fueled by a desire to see childbearing women hold birth knowledge, learn to honor their pelvic treasures and work with their innate power and in so doing, eradicate birth trauma.

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Pelvic Jiggling


Independent Birthworker, Bodyworker & Educator, Associate Practitioner in Ortho-bionomy, SpBT, SpBAP

She has supported hundreds of women and their families through natural birth at home for over 40 years. Her birthwork focuses on cultivating body awareness, self-help skills and self-responsibility – to realize potential in birth and reduce trauma for parents, the baby and care providers. Her bodywork practice specializes in pelvic bodywork for wellbeing, balance and comfort. 


Jenny has been teaching body-oriented Birthwork workshops for over 15 years, both in Australia and overseas. Jenny is project co-ordinator for Lao Birthwork, teaching hands-on and emergency skills to health staff in remote areas of Northern Laos.


She lives in the Australian bush with her partner. They are parents of 3 grown adults and have 3 grandchildren. She is also an author – Birthwork and The Down to Earth Birth Book, and filmmaker – A World of Birthworkers, The Big Stretch and The Big Stretch Sequel. 

■ Agenda Sessions:

  • Pelvic Jiggling

Learn more from these amazing speakers about the Spinning Babies®’ approach to birth and how you can apply it to your work with pregnant families.

You’ll never see birth the same again.