Equity Access

Conference Equity Access

Spinning Babies® 2021 World Confluence Equity Access Waitlist is now closed.

What is 2021 World Confluence Equity Access?
This is a scholarship intended to reduce part or all of the cost of attending the Spinning Babies® 2021 World Confluence on October 22, 23, and 24, 2021. 

What does 2021 World Confluence Equity Access include?
Equity Access will provide recipients with the experience and benefits of other attendees at the 2021 World Confluence Pre- and Main Conference presentations on October 22-24, 2021. It includes access to the conference virtual platform, opportunities to network with speakers and other participants, and a virtual swag bag with gifts and specials from our friends and sponsors.

Equity Access does not include the add-on session, however, this can be purchased separately at the time of registration. Continuing education credits are not guaranteed but are offered based on attendance and a score of 70% or higher on the post-test of eligible sessions. 

Who is Equity Access intended for?
This scholarship is intended for those who identify as Black or Indigenous birth workers, pregnancy-focused bodyworkers, or childbirth educators and are actively working or teaching in the pregnancy and birth communities, or are enrolled in a birth-related education program.

This scholarship is not intended for retired birth workers or people who are not actively teaching or attending births.

If recipients of Equity Access scholarships are able to pay some of the conference fee, Spinning Babies® may be able to award more scholarships to more people. There will be a place to indicate your preference in the application. Applicants’ preference for a full or partial scholarship will not affect their eligibility for the scholarship.

2021 World Confluence Equity Access Waitlist is now closed.

Applicants notified with application status on or by September 14, 2021 .

Recipients of Equity Access may register for the confluence through September 28, 2021.